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Country Map

Map Information

The Country Map plots out all of the publications by country in order to see where the "Enlightenment" took place. It showcases data concerning printed publications, cities, countries, and publishers. Each country or geographic context is represented by a different color so the user can understand the scope of publishing within that context.

Map Points:

  • Place of Publication.

  • Number of Editions.

Graph Points:

  • Place of Publication.

  • Number of Editions.


When discussing the Age of Enlightenment, scholars often ask how unified it was and where it took place. This map helps quantify that by plotting the number of editions and qualifying it by looking at what books were published in a particular country or geographic context.

Design and Names

The names of places used within the maps represent the majority of the eighteenth century. While the city itself is specific, the greater context tends to become more “ambiguous” depending on how much change is represented during the era or how disjointed the places are within the era. Additionally, historical lines or grids have been avoided due to the constantly changing boundaries of the era. The main purpose of the countries/states/continents is to give greater context for the specific city data. The map offers more detailed country information within the highlight cards.

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