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Common Sense

Title Details:

Author: Thomas Paine

Place of Publication:

Philadelphia Published: 1776

Number of Editions: 85

Common Sense - Thomas Paine
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Title Description:

Common Sense was a political pamphlet written by Thomas Paine, an Anglo-American political activist and writer who emigrated to America in 1774. Common Sense is considered to be one of the most influential writings in American history, as it played a significant role in the American War of Independence and inspired many colonists to support the cause of independence from Great Britain.

It was written during a time of great political upheaval in America. The colonists were becoming increasingly frustrated with British rule and were beginning to question the legitimacy of the British government's authority over the colonies. However, they did not see themselves as independent citizens, but as subjects of the crown, as monarchism was a standard belief of the time. Paine's Common Sense presented a powerful argument, not only against independence from Great Britain, but against Monarchism itself.

The pamphlet was written in simple, straightforward language that was easily understood by the general public. Paine's arguments were based on principles of natural rights, democracy, and republicanism, and he argued that the British government was inherently corrupt and oppressive. For Pain, this was the perfect time for the colonies to break away and form their own government.

The publication of Common Sense had a major impact on the colonists. It quickly became a bestseller, and it played a significant role in shaping public opinion and rallying support for the cause of independence. The pamphlet also helped to unite the colonists, as it provided a common framework for discussing and debating the issues of the day.



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