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Conciliation with America

Title Details:

Author: Edmund Burke

Place of Publication: London

Date Published: 1775

Speech on Conciliation with America - Edmund Burke (1)
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Title Description:

"A Speech on Conciliation with America" was a famous speech delivered by the Anglo-Irish statesman Edmund Burke in the House of Commons on March 22, 1775. It was crucial to understand the origins of the American War of Independence and Britain's policies towards its American colonies. However, Burke and his ideas were in the minority within the House and his cries would fall on deaf ears.

Burke's speech aimed to persuade the British government to adopt a more conciliatory approach towards America, rather than pursuing oppressive policies to force its subjects into submission. Burke argued that the relationship between Britain and the American colonies was unique and required a particular understanding to arrive at a pragmatic solution. He acknowledged the importance of unity within the British Empire but emphasized the need for flexibility and compromise to maintain this unity.

Overall, Burke's "Speech on Conciliation with America" is considered a significant contribution to the understanding of the relationship between Britain and America before this conflict. It showcases Burke's particularist politics and belief in the power of reason, compromise, and moderation. Many of Burke's predictions came true, with Britain losing more than it gained and being forced to let their colonies go free.


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